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Where is Seo4Designers located?
Seo4Designer is located in Sydney, Australia.

Which SEO package is best for my company?
This may depend on your company's budget and specification needs, as the more rapid results, the more convenient and efficient the package for you.

How do I pay?
You may pay by direct bank transfer, PayPal and all major credit card transactions.

How and when do I start?
You can firstly start by contacting our Seo4Designers, online marketing department on +61 2 9906 2221 make an appointment for a free consultation at our office at a convenient time for you.

Could you help me make changes to my keywords or any other features?
Yes, we are able to make changes if you send us a confirming email with specifications including your order number and after that we will send you a confirmation email regarding your changes.

How will I know if my site has all the features I have paid for?
Seo4Designers can provide you with a detailed submission report where you are able to check all features.

SEO FAQs Do you approve the articles before submission?
Seo4Designers will submit the articles after we have your approval which can take up to 2-3 days for creation and approval of articles before submission. This can depend on how complexity and size of the article.

How long does it take until completion of SEO?
The duration of SEO can depend on the keywords and the situation of your website e.g. where it is currently ranking and where you are in relation to your competitors. An average project can range from 4 months to 8 months.

What is white hat and black hat SEO?
White hat refers to "clean" optimization actions ones that are within the search engines' guidelines (genuine methods).
Black hat refers to "under-the-radar" activities, such as quickly launching a site with poor-quality actions and features (these often get penalties on Google).
There are also SEOs who proclaim to be grey hat, who do their work somewhere in the middle. Just a quick note: Seo4Designers only promotes white hat SEO.

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